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High Visibility Uniform Vests

Outfitting your team in the right safety gear has never been easier with Carhartt Company Gear – when you need high performance workwear and high visibility uniform vests, Carhartt has you covered. All of our high visibility uniforms are engineered with maximum Carhartt durability and tailored to your needs as a business so your team can outwork them all and look the part, too! When you’re looking for company vests, Carhartt’s custom workwear can’t be beat. Your people work in some of the most rugged conditions; that’s why we’ve been hard at work making the best in high performance construction uniforms for your team. Get the best gear for your best people with custom safety vests from Carhartt. Since 1889, we’ve been at the cutting edge of workwear. Now we’re here to bring the best to you and your team with Carhartt Company Gear customizable to your needs.