Where can I view the status and tracking information for my orders?

Status and tracking information can be found under the main section of the My Account page. Tracking information can also be found in the shipment confirmation emails sent to the primary email listed on your account. To make sure our email updates are delivered to your inbox, please add to your email address book.

Does CCG offer free shipping?

Yes. Free UPS ground shipping is offered on all orders.

I need my uniform faster. Can I upgrade my shipping?

Due to unprecedented demand and impacts to processing timeline, we do not offer shipping upgrades at this time. Our site will provide estimated shipping dates based on the most recent data we have from our distribution centers and logistic carriers.

Does Carhartt Company Gear offer shipping outside the United States?

Uniforms can only be shipped to any permanent US address. International shipments are not currently supported.


Why can’t I make changes or cancel my order?

Orders begin processing immediately upon order placement from the website and activities such as product fulfillment, logo file set up, logistic arrangements and labor are activated at that time. This allows us to complete your order as quickly as possible. The proof process allows for minor logo edits to ensure the best representation of your design but does not support order changes or cancellations. Please double check your cart and read our full terms and conditions before placing your order.

When will I be charged for my order?

The full amount of your order will be authorized on your payment method immediately upon order placement. This authorization will remain active based on the rules of your payment method financial institution. Carhartt will periodically reauthorize your payment method while your order is in progress. Payment will be settled once your order ships out to you.

What is an eCheck?

eChecks are a digital version of a paper check and are referred to as an electronic check. They use the Automated Clearing Hour (ACH) to direct debit from a customer's checking account into a merchant's business bank account with the help if a payment processor.

Is there a processing fee associated with eCheck?

Carhartt does not charge a fee for using eCheck.

What happens if my eCheck is rejected?

During the payment process, your eCheck account is validated, upon approval, the order will be accepted for fulfillment. if your eCheck account is not valid, then your order is rejected. If you fail to pay any fees or charges when due (including the fees and charges as stated above, as well as fees and charges for returned checks, electronic payment rejection, redelivery fees, restocking fees, or damages arising from fraudulent use), we may charge such amount directly to the credit or debit card you designate through the Site for payment of your order.

How long does it take to process an eCheck?

eCheck will process within 2-3 business days upon order placement. A hold will be placed through your bank when the order is placed. Your bank account will be charged for your order on the day your order is shipped.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that can be used for an eCheck?

Currently Carhartt does not have a minimum amount, however the maximum amount is $75k.

Does Carhartt Company Gear® offer a managed uniform program?

Yes. Carhartt offers managed programs through our partners.

What options are available for large companies?

Carhartt has several partners that can deliver expert quality and service for companies of all sizes. Please contact us or view our partners to learn more about opportunities to work with Carhartt.

Does CCG offer discounts?

Carhartt may offer discounts on products and services and are subject to change at any time. Account registration is required for all discounts. View our Offers and Deals page for all current promotions.

What is an Order Message?

An order message is intended for the recipient of the order shipment. It will be printed on the packing slip or carton label. These messages are not sent to Carhartt associates and should not be used to communicate order preferences, notes or requests.


What types of customization do you offer on your products?

We provide self-service embroidery and screen printing through our website.

How long does it take to receive customized products?

Due to the increased complexity of customization, orders are estimated to take 30 business days.

What is a “Logo Setup Fee”?

Logo Setup Fees are applied when translating a log image into an embroidery and/or screen print acceptable design which includes digitization, thread and ink color assignments and sizing. This setup fee is non-refundable in cases where a logo is deemed in breach of our terms and conditions.

I’m having trouble uploading my logo, can you help?

We currently limit customization to a max of 2 locations per product. If you need more assistance, please contact customer support at 866-698-1125.

Is there a minimum order quantity for customization?

We require unit minimums of the same fabric type, fabric color, logo placement area and logo file for all embroidery items screen print items. Please note, the use of individual names does not count in the 6 unit minimum requirement. Orders submitted with names will be subjected to additional fees or cancellation.

If the unit minimum is not met for embroidery or screen print services, we offer a minimum quantity service fee that you can accept at checkout. This is a great option to use if you are looking for a physical sample or are outfitting just a couple team members.

How close to my image will my end result be?

We make every effort to ensure that the final design produced on our product accurately represents the image provided to us. However, there may be variations from the image due to the nature of the mediums used. Embroidery designs are limited to 15 thread colors and screen print designs are limited to 8 ink colors. Any necessary adjustments will be made on your behalf to meet these limitations. We manually review each logo before it is run to ensure quality and accurate execution.

Do I have the rights to my file?

Your logo is solely the property of your company or persons, however the artwork produced to facilitate the customization of your logo is the intellectual property of Carhartt and will be retained and stored indefinitely for any and all uses Carhartt deems fit.

Can I reuse this file?

Due to the specific design decisions required to set up a logo, logo files can be reused on products of the same fabric and location placement.


Is there a fee for requesting a proof?

No, proofs are included with an order.

How long does it take to get a proof or revision?

Proof processing time can vary based on logo design. You will receive an email when your proof is ready. Please note, these services are not available on holidays or weekends. To make sure our email updates are delivered to your inbox, please add to your email address book.

Are there a limit to number of proofs I can request?

We do not limit the number of proofs you can request but aim to keep revisions to a minimum.

What if I want to I change my logo to a different design after seeing a proof?

Logo files cannot be changed, only minor edits are allowed.

Can I cancel my order after reviewing my proof?

No. Orders begin processing immediately and the physical product items cannot be changed or cancelled.

What if I do not approve my proof?

If we do not hear back from you within 5 business days, we will approve your logo on your behalf. To make sure our email updates are delivered to your inbox, please add to your email address book.

What email address do proof notifications get sent to?

Proof notifications will be sent to the email provided on the Carhartt Company Gear account. You can access your proofs directly from your account at any time from the REVIEW PROOFS menu.

Can I change the size of my logo design?

Carhartt has designed maximum logo width and heights on each location to ensure the highest quality customization on our products. Logos can typically be reduced in size but cannot exceed the maximum logo dimensions defined for each location.

Why do some elements of my logo look different in the proof?

We will match fonts as best we can. Some small text or logo details may not be able to be converted onto fabric clearly and would be removed or edited in the design process.

Why are there extra stitches on the background of my design?

Most logo designs being applied to a Carhartt beanie will include additional background stitches to help stabilize the design on this particular fabric type. The stitches will match the product fabric color and should not distract from your logo.


Do you offer physical proofs?

At this time we do not offer physical sew out proofs.

Can I rush a proof?

No, we cannot rush proof requests or revisions.


Can I return my branded Carhartt gear?

Carhartt Company Gear stands by the quality of our products. If you believe there is an error in production of your embroidery, please call us so we can better understand the issue and determine how to make it right.

How do I return a product?

If your package included return paperwork, complete the requested information and you’re your product through the designated return carrier service. If you do not have return paperwork, please contact customer service at 866-698-1125 and we will assist you in verifying eligibility and returning the product.


What is the best way to launder acrylic hats, like A18 and A205, and face masks, like A161?

See all laundering instructions in our Product Care section for each product.

Who is Carhartt Flame-Resistant clothing designed for and what standards does it meet?

Carhartt Flame-Resistant clothing is designed for electricians and workers in the utility, oil, gas and petrochemical fields who are at risk of being exposed to electric arcs and flash fires, which could cause severe or fatal burn injuries. Our flame-resistant clothing meets standards such as NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112 and NESC.*

*Please contact your company for specific FR requirements.

Learn more about FR safety standards >

Repairing FR product

To ensure compliance with FR standards, all repairs must be made using FR fabric and thread and in accordance with our repair standards. For more information, please contact us.


Who can I contact about accessibility issues I encountered on this site? is committed to making its website accessible to all individuals. Please review ourcontact customer service at Accessibility Statement.

If I have an account on, can I use that login on this site?

No. The CCG website is intended for business use, and as such requires a verified business account to purchase. If you would like to use this site, you must create a new account.

How can I save items for later?

Items you would like to save for later can be added to Saved Gear from any of the sizing tools throughout the site or from your cart.