Custom Flame-Resistant Work Uniforms

Some workers under pressure say they’ve put their feet to the fire. Others, when a situation gets worse, say they’ve gone out of the frying pan. But for your crew in need of FR clothing, it’s not just a figure of speech. They face real heat, real flames and real dangers every shift on the job. They handle their business because it keeps people safe, as with firefighters and first responders. They do it in construction because they can handle the intensity necessary to craft high-rise buildings. The job needs done, and someone has to do it. Since your workers don’t flinch when facing a challenge, you can provide them with the best protections possible using custom FR gear from Carhartt Company Gear. Carhartt has provided the best protective clothing for workers for over a century, and FR items can be embroidered and customized with your company logo to give your workers pride in your own brand and reputation. Let them know you want them safe by dressing them in our FR line of uniform shirts, sweatshirts and pants. Our gear is designed with the work in mind, with Force® technology to wick sweat and dry fast and our Full Swing® line already broken in so that it moves without stiffness even on day one. Heat and flames have met their match. Whether you're looking for a Flame-Resistant Force® Original Fit Mid-weight Hooded Sweatshirt or a FR classic twill shirt, shop Carhartt Company Gear to outfit your team today; we can help your business show your team members how much they matter to you.