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Oil and Gas Uniforms

Having a uniform look for your team is always a competitive edge in any industry. But what about when you need safety gear? When you’re in the oil and gas industry, flame-resistant workwear is non-negotiable. Finding the right stuff your team needs? It’s not always easy when you’re shopping for FR workwear. You need a reliable FR uniforms solution to keep your crews outfitted in the best workwear you can find to keep them covered on the job. So if you’re looking for FR custom work uniforms, Carhartt has you covered. Since 1889, Carhartt has been the alpha and omega of durable work gear. And today, we’re making it easy for folks in the oil and gas business to keep their teams covered in Carhartt with flame resistant uniform shirts and uniform outerwear. Because you expect the best from your team, you need to give them the best workwear around. Find the perfect safety gear uniforms for your oil and gas crew here at Carhartt Company Gear. Go head to toe in Carhartt with our flame resistant uniform pants and the rugged, durable workwear your team has come to expect from the workwear experts at Carhartt. Shop our company gear today and make sure that your team has ever base covered so they can keep their head in the game, win the day and outwork them all. When it comes to the safety of your team, don’t take any chances on FR workwear -- rest easier with Carhartt Company Gear.