• Men's – Flame Resistant
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FR Uniform Accessories

Good FR workwear isn’t always easy to find. When you’re outfitting your team with quality flame resistant uniforms, it doesn’t stop with FR shirts and pants for work. Every accessory is an important piece of the puzzle so make sure that your team has the company hats and FR accessories they need to win the day and outwork them all. You know Carhartt for the rugged durable workwear we create for hardworking American professionals. And at Carhartt Company Gear, we focus on helping you get custom work uniforms for your whole team. So if you need PPE uniforms or flame resistant uniforms, we’ve got you covered. And we’ve got all the other things you need for your team as well -- base layers, boots, thick socks, work gloves -- the whole ten yards. Because when it comes to your team and their comfort & safety, nine yards just won’t do. You train your team to exceed expectations, and so do we. We’ve learned how to make great workwear over the years since Hamilton Carhartt unleashed his vision on the world in 1889. Every year, we’ve focused on field testing, learning and improving what we do so that when you invest in Carhartt gear for your crew, you’re getting the best FR uniform outerwear around. So find the perfect look, perfect fit and perfect workwear technology for your company here at Carhartt Company Gear.