It’s difficult to appear effortlessly cool. It’s a concept that our grandfathers likely perfected, leaning against a Jeep while sporting a military uniform. There’s an ease to the notion of being cool. But being cool while putting in the effort isn’t actually easy. When there’s work to be done outside in the heat, keeping your cool is a much tougher option. What do you do for your crew besides bring them bottles of water or give them a break under a shady tree? Whether you're on a construction site pouring concrete or trying to corral cattle, Carhartt has been working for a century to determine the coolest way forward. Show them you care about their comfort and safety by providing them with sweat wicking uniforms featuring FastDry® design elements and Force technology designed to draw the moisture away from their bodies on sweaty, unbearable days. For over a century, Carhartt Company Gear has designed custom work uniforms to help workers survive and thrive during the toughest of days. Our moisture wicking work shirts and pants are designed to help your body move and stay comfortable when the sun’s bearing down on your team. When choosing your uniforms, show your crew that you understand what their days are like. Show them you are committed to their safety. There's nothing cooler than that. Shop Carhartt Company Gear today, filling your custom order with men's uniform shirts and pants & bottoms, so we can provide your team with the heat-resistant gear they want and need.