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Welcome to CARHARTT's Database of CPSIA Compliance Certificates

How to find the Compliance Certificate:

  • To locate on this Website - a CPSIA General Certificate of Conformity (GCC) for products manufactured after 11/12/2008 as required by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, Section 102(a) and 16 CFR Part 1110, can be accessed by entering a Carhartt (P.O.) Production Order or Purchase Order number (6 to 10 digit numerical or 6 to 10 character numeric/alpha).
  • How to search - Enter the 6 to 10 character P.O. number into the search box at the upper right of the page in this format: 123456 or 00207A or 1234567890

Where to find the P.O. number:

  • On a Carhartt product label - This number can be found either across the top of the care label tag following the month/year or on a separate tag behind the care label.
  • In a typical Commercial Invoice

All certificates for product manufactured after 11/12/2008 should be available on this site. However, if a search does not return the certificate you are seeking please contact Carhartt Vendor Compliance at vcompliance@carhartt.com.

General Certificates Of Conformity